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Zoro vs. King fight as the best in One Piece 1062 everything you need to know

The last episode of the One Piece anime series came with many special and exciting events, as episode 1062 came to anime fans with an amazing moment in a truly exceptional way, as Toei Animation excelled in the last episodes of One Piece. The company had already shown a lot of its capabilities in moving the battle between Sanji and Queen. Thousands of fans described the fighting between Zoro and King as a work of art, and many have praised the new episode titled “The Conqueror’s Santoryu! Zoro vs. King”, stressing that it is Best episode so far.

one Piece episode 1062

Zoro’s astonishing battle against King in One Piece has reached its conclusion in an episode that features one of the most epic anime fight scenes of the year and a cinematic pacing that rivals even the best movies. This episode may very well be considered the pinnacle of the series thus far. The assault on Kaido’s forces and the culmination of the Wano storyline are rapidly approaching in the anime adaptation, with two significant battles still on the horizon. Zoro and Sanji have now emerged victorious, having defeated Kaido’s top performers, King and Queen. While the previous episode of the One Piece anime showcased Sanji’s character development, episode 1062 takes it to new heights, setting an even higher standard.

Zoro vs. King

Episode 1062 of One Piece, titled “The Three-Sword Style of the Supreme King! Zoro vs. King,” not only showcased Zoro’s triumph over Kaido’s most powerful subordinate but also provided additional depth to the story. The episode delved into King’s face reveal, explored his and Kaido’s backstory, and placed a significant emphasis on the intense battle between Zoro and King. These aspects received more attention and detail in the anime adaptation compared to their portrayal in the original manga.

The top 3 of the best One Piece chapters is completed by episode number 968 “The Pirate King is born! Arrival at the last island!”, while the third position is for episode 483 “Looking for an answer. Fist of Fire Ace dies on the battlefield.” One Piece fans are looking forward to one of the most anticipated moments of the anime, the end of the Wano Arc is near and if Toei Animation maintains the same quality of the last chapters, all that remains is to enjoy a great show. For now, and for the enjoyment of the fans, let’s remember Zoro’s last attack to defeat King.

Twitter views on the episode

  • ships among the mugiwaras that I can’t ship at all: zoro and luffy, sanji and luffy, luffy and nami, luffy andusopp (any mugiwara shipp with luffy really), zoro and robin and nami and zoro
  • i dont understand why sen and eric are trying to even argue against panels from the story. we dont care what some randoms on the internet have to say about the story. the opinion that takes precedence over anybody else’s is Oda’s. Zoro was moving at light speed so hes FTL. Bodied
  • I just know later Zoro was like “eh I have a surprisingly soft side, eh?? eeeeeh?” and Sanji was just like “It’S BETWEEN YOUR LEGS LIMP DICK MOSSHEAD” and then they fought
  • That’s on top of the fact that every main fight Luffy has was against someone stronger than Zoro’s main fight Hachi, Mr.1, Kaku, Fishman swordsman, Pica, King.There’s non main fights sprinkled in like Enel, Kuma, Fujitora, Killer, Kaido etc but main fights show the difference

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