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A Sequel to “The Devil is a Part-Timer!!” has been Announced!

Great news for fans of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!!” as the anime has been renewed for a second season and is set to premiere in July, The announcement was made on Muse Asia’s Facebook page last Wednesday, This new season will mark the third installment in the overall franchise and serve as a direct sequel to the first season that premiered last summer.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!!

It’s worth noting that the continuation of “The Devil is a Part-Timer” film series might cause confusion for some viewers due to a slight difference in the names, The first installment of the popular anime series premiered in 2013 under the title “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” with one exclamation point. The anime concluded after 13 episodes, and no more seasons were planned until 2022.

Overall, fans can look forward to another exciting season of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!!” and anticipate more thrilling adventures with their favorite characters.

In July of 2022, a new series with a similar title, The Devil is a Part-Timer!! (notice the two exclamation marks), premiered, This is not a continuation of the first series from 2013, but a separate entity that follows the same characters and takes place in the same universe. While both series are based on separate manga, they are produced by different companies and directed by different people.

The plot of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! revolves around Satan’s failed attempt to conquer Ente Isla and the efforts of Emilia, the defender of Ente Isla, After being transported to present-day Tokyo through a magical portal, Satan loses his powers and must take refuge in Tokyo. He assumes a new identity and starts working at MgRonald’s to fund his return to Ente Isla, Along the way, he encounters familiar faces from Ente Isla who have also adapted to the modern world.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!!’s sequel series will air sometime in July 2023

The highly anticipated return of The Devil is a Part-Timer for its second season has been confirmed, While the first season was based on the original light novels’ first manga series, the upcoming season is based on the second manga series, Studio 3Hz, known for producing Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, is producing the series, with director Daisuke Tsukushi, who has worked on well-known anime such as Black Butler, Fairy Tale, and My Hero Academia. The opening song, “WITH,” will be performed by Minami Kuribayashi, who also sang the previous season’s opening song, “ZERO!!”

Despite not receiving as much attention as the first season did in 2013, the second season was well-received by anime fans when it premiered on Disney+, As this will be Tsukushi’s first time serving as the lead director for an anime series, he will undoubtedly hope that the release of the sequel will attract more viewers, The show’s popularity can be attributed to its humor, likable protagonists, and unique take on the genre.

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