Telenor Answers Today 31 July 2023

Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers 30 July 2023 Here, Get ready to unlock all the secrets of today’s Telenor Quiz article! Participate in the Telenor quiz and seize the opportunity to win free internet. This is your chance to be rewarded with unlimited data through the Telenor Quiz. Rest assured that the answers provided in this article are accurate, as verified by Telenor. Discover the correct responses to all the Telenor Quiz questions right here in this exclusive piece. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your knowledge and potentially win exciting prizes!.

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Telenor Answers Today 30 July 2023

Question 1: The Lord of The Rings trilogy was filmed in which country?

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Malaysia

Answer: New Zealand

Question 2: Which pass connects Pakistan with Iran?

  • Khyber Pass
  • Bolan Pass
  • Khunjerab
  • Swat Pass

Answer: Bolan Pass

Question 3: Name the city that is located in two countries?

  • Turkey
  • Jpan
  • Karachi
  • Virginia

Answer: Turkey

Question 4: Gobi desert and Atacama desert are a type of ____ deserts?

  • High
  • Low
  • Rain Shadow
  • Cold

Answer: Rain Shadow

Question 5: How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?

Answer: 4

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 30 July 2023

For all the regular visitors, here are the answers to today’s Telenor questions, which will help you complete the quiz and receive free MB from Telenor.

To enjoy free internet, users simply need to answer 5 daily questions using the My Telenor app. Google has become a popular platform for finding these answers and availing of the service. By correctly answering these questions, Telenor rewards users with up to 50 MB of daily free data. Make the most of this opportunity to stay connected and informed without worrying about data limits.

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