‘Succession’ Series Finale Recap: The Dotted Line

Succession Series Finale Whenever a highly-discussed and admired show like “Succession” reaches its conclusion, fans and critics inevitably compile lists of the most pressing questions that still need answers in the finale. Frequently, the finale does provide resolutions to some of these questions, but it often leaves others unanswered because the narratives TV creators wish to convey don’t always align with viewers’ expectations. However, this is an integral part of the entertainment industry.


Surprisingly, the final episode of “Succession” resolves a significant number of loose ends. The only major storyline from the season that remains unresolved by the closing credits pertains to the outcome of the presidential election. We do discover that the Democratic candidate, Daniel Jiménez, has launched legal challenges regarding the burnt ballots in Wisconsin. However, the winner of this particular contest holds little significance in relation to the intended conclusion of “Succession” envisioned by its creator, Jesse Armstrong.

The Roys’ Captivating Reunion in the Climactic Finale of “Succession”

What truly matters in the finale of “Succession” is the approval of the GoJo deal by the Waystar board and the revelation of the company’s new CEO, which adds a captivating twist to the narrative. To provide the answers upfront: Yes, the board votes in favor of the sale, and surprisingly, Tom Wambsgans secures the coveted CEO position, even usurping it from his own wife. Quite a wild turn of events, isn’t it?

However, what truly makes this finale so gratifying is how creator Jesse Armstrong, along with the talented cast and crew, confront one of the most divisive questions surrounding the Roy family: Can they be redeemed in any way? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, albeit sporadically. Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and even Connor showcase their best selves when they step away from the pressures of the business and political realm. In these moments, they engage in lighthearted conversations, swapping memories and jokes, acknowledging the peculiarities of their lives. While these moments of connection don’t absolve them of their selfish and harmful decisions or the pain they have caused others, they do reveal glimpses of their inherent humanity.

The restoration of the sibling bond owes much to the efforts of Matsson, Tom, and unexpectedly, Cousin Greg and Lady Caroline. When Shiv and Kendall discover that their mother is providing shelter to the humiliated and injured Roman at her island estate, the two rivals rush to speak with their brother, aiming to secure his vote at the upcoming board meeting.

Roys Reunited: Hilarious Banter and Unveiled Truths in the “Succession” Finale

In the finale of “Succession,” Shiv, Roman, and Kendall come together, sharing hilariously sardonic moments. They bond over fears, impersonations, and a quirky plan to distribute their father’s belongings. However, tensions rise when Shiv plans to vote against GoJo and Tom reveals he is Matsson’s CEO choice. Shiv berates Tom, and the once-harmonious trio begins to unravel.

Succession 2023
Succession 2023

As the board vote approaches, Shiv and Roman hesitate to support Kendall. Roman’s wavering is influenced by his desire to avoid further embarrassment, while Shiv remains undecided. Ultimately, Shiv flees the boardroom, causing a tied vote. Kendall tries to persuade her but fumbles when confronted about a previous confession. Roman makes hurtful remarks, leading to violence. Shiv casts her vote, leaving the Roys fractured.

Roman dismisses Waystar’s importance, participates in the acquisition photo, and finds solace in their bond. Shiv realizes her willingness to betray Tom and agrees to join him. Kendall, though still wealthy, is adrift and excluded from the game.

While redeemable, the Roys remain unredeemed in a finale filled with laughter and bitter truths.

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