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For the People who doesn’t know about News Roblox.. It’s an online game where everyone is allow to play . to play must sign up, Username, Password, Birth, Gender, Roblox is a meeting place where it lets everyone meet. It allows you talk By Chat. Or Voice chat. To get voice chat. You must made your birth 18+ or a bit young? . roblox was in the pass for kids.but sadly everyone was starting to make things that are only for 18+ only. which kids isn’t allow to see. so roblox has made it now for 13+ but I guess roblox is trying as hard he can to delete all the unallowed stuff. back in the voice chat? .. To get voice chat must show your parents or your ID .

News Roblox


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If you used an fake ID they might ban you. and Won’t let you into Voice chat world.. When you finished Signing up for roblox and made an account for you or for your child. It lets you make your own avatar. but sadly you’ll have to have something in roblox called “Robux” and that’s an roblox money to Buy stuff for your avatar or gamepass or a game. to get robux you must get real money and buy it. you can buy it online.

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if supermarket its called Gift card. that you get and wipe the black thing on the back and give you an code. which lets you go to roblox web to redeem that code to get robux. You can choose how much robux you want to get or buy or can cost. 400 Robux means $4.99 . 800 Robux means $9.99 . 17,00 Robux Means $19.99 . 4,500 Robux means $49.99 . 10,000 Robux means $99.99 . When you Get your robux. you Free to buy whatever with your Robux. Like Clothes. Hair. Faces. Bodies. Walking.Dances.Games,Gamepasses. And alot more.. Roblox lets you create your OWN game. By roblox studio. it leads you into a game that is empty .and you start making your own and best game. when your done you can make it everyone play it. you might get likes and alot more stuff. in roblox you have your own chat to talk with without being in a game. but you must have a friend who can chats you in the chat.. There are more than 40 million games on the Roblox


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. News Roblox Your free to choose what game to play ,You can Let your friends even join you! they only need to add you as a friend you add them back or deny. if they’re in your friend list. they’re free to join you.

  • But if you don’t want them to join you.? you can change that in the settings. And don’t forget to Add Gmail to your roblox account so if you logged out and don’t remember your password.
  • you can click reset it and then it send you a code in your gmail.
  • and type it in roblox and then create a new password.
  • and in case no body can log into your account.
  • Because If someone stranger knew your password and dont want them in your account.
  • they will have to pass your gmail and you will notice that they wanting to join your account but they won’t be in because you didn’t tell them the code. let’s talk about when and made roblox.

roblox was made in 2006 September 1 Roblox is safe. roblox tags people who swears in the chat. and if they made a something that it wasn’t allowed in roblox they might get ban or account deleted so you have to be careful. Roblox was about box and alot more but roblox wanted to get real. so they made characters look realistic more to be like humans. when it came out some people were very very mad and some were sad. so lets say half of roblox players hated it …. Thank you for reading all of it. if you would like more. here’s Part 2. :

All writing is due to the personal opinion of the writer Noura, because she is a fan of games, so she finds that all opinions are about her personal experiences

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