Queen Bee Chapter 280 Everything you need to know

Queen Bee is a captivating Korean Manhwa series, penned by HwalHwaSan and brought to life with the stunning artwork of Andrew. Within its pages, this series delves into the thrilling realms of action, romance, and the dramatic twists of high school life.

The continuing webcomic contains 279 chapters as of this writing and has gained popularity since its debut in 2018. Here is what is currently known about the publication date for Queen Bee Chapter 280, which fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Queen Bee Chapter 280 Release Date

Queen Bee Chapter 280 Fans can expect the long-awaited Queen Bee comic book chapter 280 WAS  released on July 28, 2023. On Friday, the long-awaited chapter will be made available. Whereas, the previous chapter 279, was released on July 22, 2023. As usual, the English translation will require some additional time and is expected to be announced one day after the initial scan becomes available.
Queen Bee Chapter
Queen Bee Chapter


Queen Bee” is a captivating and unique Korean Manhwa and Webtoon that revolves around the romantic relationship of two high school students, Yu Dal-li (Darla), the daughter of a landlord, and Jun-Pyo (Junnie), the head of a school gang. The storyline is far from ordinary, offering an intricate plot unlike typical Korean Manhwas.

Queen Bee Manhwa
Queen Bee Manhwa

At school, Darla appears to treat Junnie as if he is beneath her, expecting him to worship her. However, when they are in the comfort of their homes away from the eyes of their peers, a different dynamic emerges in their relationship.

The heart of “Queen Bee” lies in exploring the complexities of Darla and Junnie’s relationship and their childhood friendship. They face challenges from both their families and school peers, leading to feelings of jealousy that further complicate their bond and create problems within their relationship. As the story unfolds, readers are drawn into the intricacies of their journey, filled with drama and emotional twists.

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What happened in the previous chapter of the queen bee?

In Queen Bee Chapter 279, significant events unfolded, starting with a pastor eagerly sharing news with his disciple about the Church’s growing capacity. To ensure its continued growth, the pastor plans to hire a model.

Meanwhile, a meeting takes place between the Landlord, Mr. Yoon-jin, Dalho, and a doctor. During the meeting, Yoon-jin discusses his illness and expresses his desire to live his remaining days in peace, yet he is uncertain about leaving the world. Dalho surprises his father with a planned trip, which raises suspicions for Yoon-jin. However, Dalho reassures him that he genuinely wants to be a good son.

In another scene, Darla and Pyo share a romantic moment. Darla promises Pyo a big house so he won’t miss Hyun. Unfortunately, while leaving for the island, Pyo comes across a photo of Hyun outside a photoshop. This discovery triggers emotions of sadness and regret in Pyo.

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