Where to Read Painter of the Night Ch 116 Online

Where to Read Painter of the Night Chapter 116 Online , If you’re looking to read Painter of the Night Chapter 116 and catch up on the latest chapters, you can do so exclusively on two platforms: Lezhin Comics and MangaPlus, These platforms provide access to the manga series, allowing you to enjoy the latest developments in the story.

Painter of the Night Ch 116 Online

Before delving into Chapter 116, it’s worth getting more acquainted with the main cast of the series, Yoon Seungho: Yoon Seungho is a prominent character in Painter of the Night, a manhwa created by Byeonduck and released in 2019, He becomes aware of Baek Na-kyum and his explicit artwork. Seungho uses a poem as a means to entice Na-kyum to paint a scene involving himself and Jihwa. He even approaches Na-kyum’s teacher, offering him a job position, all to motivate Na-kyum to create art.

Seungho’s associates often wonder if he is captivated by the artworks or by Na-kyum, who is of lower social status, He is ruthless, using physical punishment to obtain what he desires, and he shows little regard for shedding blood, Seungho demonstrates his impatience by silencing an employee who gave incorrect information and swiftly attacking him with a katana.

Painter of the Night 116
Painter of the Night 116

Painter of the Night spoiler

Without considering the truth, Seungho orders Na-kyum to be brought to him, He openly admits that he lacks patience, His coercive tactics include threats of drowning others in a well or leaving them as food for tigers, actions that no one would dare question.

Baek Na-kyum: Baek Na-kyum is another important character in Painter of the Night. Introduced in the 2019 manhwa by Byeonduck, Na-kyum is brought to Yoon Seungho’s residence. Initially reluctant to create sensual paintings for Seungho, Na-kyum is even more resistant when a poem dear to him is taken.

Na-kyum’s teacher, Jung In-hun, also becomes involved, urging Na-kyum to paint for his own benefit before his creation is ruined by spilled water. Despite the threats against his teacher, Na-kyum attempts to carry on but finds it difficult to truly muster the desire to paint.

He is polite when interacting with others. When he realizes Seungho’s true identity, Na-kyum worries about being recognized and denies ever creating the explicit artwork, Na-kyum had vowed almost a year ago never to create what he refers to as filth, and he reaffirms this stance after producing and viewing another piece.

Painter of the Night Chapter 116
Painter of the Night Chapter 116

Painter of the Night Chapter 116

Even in the face of mockery and sorrow, he remains true to his principles. Na-kyum expresses his genuine thoughts and feelings to others, providing an honest perspective on various situations. These instances reveal to Jihwa that he has no intimate connection with Seungho, despite assumptions, and also make In-hun realize that the paintings are for Seungho’s benefit, contrary to the belief that they stem from Na-kyum’s own sensual desires, Na-kyum’s favorite food is traditional Korean sweets.

When Seungho asks if he has somewhere to be and Na-kyum responds that he can’t go anywhere without Seungho, it becomes apparent that Na-kyum is aware of this reality on a personal leve , For further updates on Painter of the Night, stay tuned with Herald Journalism

Painter of the Night Chapter 116 Release Date

it is set to release on 25 May 2023.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

You can watch the full chapter here

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