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Oshi no Ko English Dub Cast, Premiere Date Revealed

The highly anticipated anime series, “Oshi no Ko English Dub Cast” has captivated audiences this season, and fans will soon have the opportunity to enjoy its English dubbed version, HIDIVE has announced exciting details about the dub, unveiling the main cast and confirming that it will be available for streaming on their platform starting from May 24th

Oshi no Ko English Dub Cast

Shannon D. Reed (Urusei Yatsura, Call of the Night) is serving as director for the projec.

The main cast includes:

  • Ai Hoshino: Donna Bella Litton
  • Gorou: Jeremy Gee
  • Sarina: Savanna Menzel
  • Aqua: Jack Stansbury
  • Ruby / Ruby (Young): Alyssa Marek
  • Aqua (Young): Chaney Moore
  • Kana: Natalie Rial
  • Ichigo: Brandon Hearnsberger
  • Miyako: Christina Kelly
  • Taishi: Ty Mahany

HIDIVE made headlines when it declared “Oshi no Ko” as its most highly-anticipated premiere to date. The anime series is under the skillful direction of Daisuke Hiramaki, with animation production handled by Doga Kobo, The English version of the manga, created by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, is digitally published by Manga Plus, Described as a story where “lies are weapons” in the world of showbiz, it revolves around Goro, an OB-GYN living a peaceful life in the countryside, and Ai Hoshino, his beloved idol, as their paths collide in the most unexpected way. Prepare to be captivated by this sensational series as Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari offer a fresh and unique perspective on the showbiz industry.

Oshi no Ko English Dub Episode Guide
Oshi no Ko English Dub Episode Guide

Oshi no Ko English Dub Episode Guide

Episode No Episode Title Release Date
Episode 1 Mother and Children Apr 21, 2023
Episode 2 Third Option Apr 28, 2023
Episode 3 Manga-Based TV Drama May 05, 2023
Episode 4 Actors May 12, 2023
Episode 5 TBA May 19, 2023
Episode 6 TBA May 26, 2023
Episode 7 TBA Jun 02, 2023
Episode 8 TBA Jun 09, 2023
Episode 9 TBA Jun 16, 2023
Episode 10 TBA Jun 23, 2023
Episode 11 TBA Jun 30, 2023



Oshi no Ko Storyline

The storyline of “Oshi no Ko” revolves around the challenges faced by Subaru and Momo as they form a new family unit. Subaru, who struggles to connect with Momo, must earn her trust and prove himself worthy of being called her father, As their bond strengthens, they gradually uncover more about each other and their intertwined history.

Adding to the dynamic, Subaru’s peculiar roommates and Momo’s diligent bodyguard contribute to a group of eccentric yet endearing individuals who accompany them on their journey, Through their shared experiences and mutual reliance, Subaru and Momo undergo personal growth, expanding their capacity for love and understanding.

Oshi no Ko English Dub Episode Guide

Overall, “Oshi no Ko” explores the themes of family, friendship, and personal development as Subaru and Momo navigate their complex relationship and discover the power of connection.

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