One Piece Latest ch 1084|Will Sabo and Bonnie Cooperate in the Operation

One Piece ch 1084, In Episode 1083 of One Piece, it is revealed that the Revolutionary Army is attacking Marijuk’s forces. In addition, Zabo begins to tell the truth about the assassination of Baby’s father, Cobra, whom he saw at the World Congress. Many wonder what fate awaits Cobra when he meets the Old Five Stars? Here, we will tell you as well as the impressions and what are the expectations for the new chapter, and others of One Piece episode 1084.

One Piece ch 1084

Chapter 1083 reveals that the Revolutionary Army has taken action to stop the flow of supplies to Marijoa and has launched attacks against its forces. Sabo reports that he was able to destroy the Tenryujin symbol, retrieve the bear, and destroy the food storage during the World Congress. As he recalls the news of Cobra’s demise, he accompanies Baby to meet with Gorohoshi.

Considering the position of Im’s head and shoulders, does he have a long neck? It looks shorter than the Snakehead tribe, but it seems to be about the same as Amand. However, I don’t think it’s a normal snake head tribe, and the name Tenryujin means a dragon tribe? There is also the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčidentifying snakes and dragons, for example, the ancient race of the Snakehead tribe is the Ryuujin tribe.

Returning to the events, it is revealed that Sabo and the Revolutionary Army have destroyed the symbol of the Celestial Dragon Man, known as “Heavenly Dragon’s Hoof”, in Marijoa and declared war, reminiscent of Luffy’s defiance of the World Government by shooting down their flag through Usopp’s effort.

As anticipated, the actions of the Revolutionary Army have led to repercussions, as a group of Celestial Dragon Men known as the God Knights are expected to take action in the future. The impact of this military attack will also be described.

One piece chapter 1083 summary

Sabu’s memories begin. In it, Sabu moves to retrieve the bear, and right after, Bonnie’s jewelry is shown running as she says, “Dad!!”, Therefore, it is very likely that during the next chapter, Bonnie and Sabo will meet from here and work together to get the bear back. So maybe Bonnie also learned something about Im
In One Piece chapter 1083, the former CP9 members and the current CP0 members appear for the first time in a long time. These are Lucci, Komadori, Owl, Bruno, Khalifa and Jabra. With the exception of Lucci, she was acting on her own and seemed to follow Pepe’s attempts to get to Garp.
One Piece ch 1084
One Piece ch 1084

Predict the cause of cobra death

The King of Alabasta, Nefertari Cobra, and the father of Baby, passed away in Marijoa, where the World Congress was held. Accompanied by a photo of Sabo standing beside the fallen Cobra, it was announced worldwide that Sabo was the main perpetrator of the assassination. However, Sabo denies killing Cobra, and even in the displayed photo, his weapon is not stained with blood. Perhaps Sabo did not actually kill Cobra. Nevertheless, it is also unknown who else was assassinated besides Sabo and whether it was the primary assassination.

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