One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1087 , The highly anticipated return of One Piece manga brings us Chapter 1087, set to be released in the upcoming issue of Shonen Jump Magazine. Early leaks have already surfaced on social media, teasing readers with intriguing details.

While the spoilers are brief and leave much to the imagination, they promise shocking revelations in the upcoming chapter. Notably, Garp, the renowned Marine Vice Admiral, will have a pivotal role, and we will delve into his past.

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 One Piece Chapter 1087
One Piece Chapter 1087

One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers

In addition, it is worth noting that on July 22, 2023, One Piece will be celebrating its 26th anniversary, and Chapter 1088 will be released without any delay.

Titled ‘Battleship Bag,’ Chapter 1087 is brimming with action. The entire chapter takes place on Pirate Island, Hachinosu, where Garp and Kuzan find themselves engaged in an intense conflict. A panel transports us to Garp’s teenage years, revealing his training sessions alongside Kuzan. The duo utilizes warships filled with sand as makeshift punching bags, showcasing their relentless dedication.

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However, a sudden turn of events sees Garp being stabbed by Shiryu while protecting Koby from an unidentified threat. Garp’s unwavering determination to defend Koby overrides his concern for his own life. It appears that Shiryu, utilizing his devil fruit abilities, manages to swiftly reach Garp by rendering himself invisible.

Returning to the present, we witness Garp and Kuzan exchanging powerful blows, resulting in a massive explosion that leaves Garp injured and sprawled on the ground. The chapter concludes with Garp assuring Koby that justice will be served. The context of Garp’s words remains a mystery, awaiting further exploration upon the official release of the chapter.

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