One Piece Chapter 1085 what to expect and Release Time

In One Piece chapter 1084, Sabo heard a rumor that the guard was going to disappear when he saw the Phantom Chamber in the tower of Panjiak Castle. Sabu was talking about her. Anyway, there seems to be a high possibility that Sabo will access this phantom room in the future.

To save Princess Shirahoshi, Leo and Sai attacked the Celestial Dragon Man, Charlusk. Mjösgard said that the pirates could flee, but he was sure to chase him far and wide. In the future, he will probably depict the state of the Straw Straw Fleet being chased. Big” who appeared in the monologue at the time of the formation of the Straw Opony Unit.

Readers’ comments on the previous chapter

Many fans of the One Piece manga series commented on the events of Chapter 1084, which brought many :interesting events. Their comments were as follows

In the previous episode of One Piece 1084, the contact between Sabo and Bonnie, the assault on Tenryujin, and even the face-to-face meeting between Cobra and Im-sama are depicted. It will be interesting to see what Cobra will know and what he will share with Sabu. As the end of the world congress is almost over, a lot of mysteries are building up.
Many fans who read One Piece episode 1084 mentioned the relationship between Lily and Baby and the meaning of the lily flower featured in the movie.
This chapter was great!!! Learning more about what happened during The Reverie and everything with Cobra. I doubt we’ll learn about The Will of D here, but Oda is really teasing us. I’m hoping Im drops some lore next chapter.
I admit that if we learn that One Piece is the friendship that the Straw Hats crew created over the course of the adventure
Im’s entrance into the throne room gave me goosebumps, on top of that I think even Cobra (the dumbest or most ballsy guy in the series? ) realized that the appearance of that figure implies his death.

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