One Piece chapter 1085 spoilers Lily kills Cobra for its purpose

One Piece chapter 1085, The final chapter explores the story of Lily, who disappeared 800 years ago. Could her disappearance be related to her knowledge of the King Cobra assassination? While we anxiously await news of Egghead Vega Punk’s kidnapping and the looming battle in Hachinos, “One Piece” chapter 1085 promises to be another exciting installment.

One Piece chapter 1085 spoilers

In One Piece chapter 1084, the events of Marijoa are gradually revealed, shedding light on the truth about the fictional throne and the assassination of King Cobra. The revelation of Sabo’s survival only adds to the intrigue. The upcoming battle between Blue Pheasant and Garp is shrouded in mystery, leaving fans eager for more information. Meanwhile, Blackbeard and the Yellow Monkeys meet at Egghead, setting the stage for what promises to have a huge impact. to the world in the aftermath of the accident.

One Piece 1085
One Piece 1085

Final chapter considerations about lily

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Lily, which King Cobra hoped to unravel by speaking with Gorohoshi, remains unsolved. It is speculated that Lily may have been a member of the Neferitari family, who resisted becoming a Tenryujin 800 years ago.

There are also hints that Im may have a connection to Lily, as evidenced by his possession of a picture of Bibi and his apparent familiarity with Lily. Some even speculate that Im may be Lily herself. However, the truth behind their relationship remains a mystery, leaving fans eager for more revelations in the upcoming episodes of “One Piece.”

One Piece 1085 The Attempted Murder of Charlos

In the latest events of the One Piece manga, it appears that Sai of the Eight Treasures Water Army and Leo of the Dwarf Tribe came to Princess Shirahoshi’s aid and defeated Saint Charlos. There are speculations that Charlos may have attempted to murder Yuto, and as a result, Rosward Saint may have been killed by Molly, who rescued the “bear.”

One Piece ch 1085
One Piece ch 1085

This incident seems to have triggered a major historical event that will involve the Straw Hat Pirates. As they aim to take down the Tenryujin, the generals and God Knights begin to move, and it is feared that the Land of Flowers and Dressrosa may face destruction, The revolutionary army is also involved, and Luffy of the Four Emperors will definitely be involved.

what to expect?

The mystery surrounding the captain of the Tenth Ship, previously linked to the Blackbeard pirates, has been confirmed to be a Blue Rider. Upon seeing the Blue Rider in the panel art, it was thought to resemble a pirate, but it was not believed to be an official pirate until now.

As Blackbeard’s ship heads to Egghead after winning the battle against Law, Vasco Shot tries to burn the city down when Coby has no way out, but Avalo Bizarro stops him.

Shanks’ overwhelming strength is noted in the battle against Kidd, as he displays his great fighting abilities. There are also pictures showing Blackbeard’s movements, and a battle between him and Garp may be revealed. In addition, Shanks acknowledged that Blackbeard is an enemy that everyone must fight and defeat as soon as possible

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