One Piece 1084 : Divine Knights Unveiled as Clones of Shanks and Dragon

In One Piece 1084 , it was revealed that two members of the Divine Knight are actually clones of Shanks and Dragon, Additionally, it was suggested that the Divine Knight may have orchestrated the downfall of the Lulusia Kingdom and possesses an ancient weapon from Uranus.

Fans are left wondering how the World Government was able to create clones of powerful figures like Shanks and Dragon, Chapter 1084 also introduces the Divine Knight troops, with the total number of members still unconfirmed.

One piece 1084 Dragon

Although Oda continues to introduce new characters even in chapter 1084, it is clear that the Divine Knight is an important part of the story, As shown by Dragon, there appear to be nine members in the Divine Knight, One Piece fans eagerly anticipate the next chapters to see how this plotline unfolds.

In the latest development in One Piece Chapter 1084, Eiichiro Oda introduces a new group of characters known as the Divine Knights. These Divine Knights play a significant role in the ongoing storyline, adding more depth and intrigue to the narrative.

One piece 1084
One piece 1084

One Piece 1084 Sabo and Divine Knight

Although the exact number of members within the Divine Knight troops has yet to be officially confirmed, Oda’s artistic depiction hints at the possibility of there being nine members, This revelation comes through the silhouette shown by Dragon, one of the key characters in the series.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the presence of the Divine Knights raises questions about the mysterious disappearance of the kingdom of Lulusia. While many initially speculated that Im Same was responsible, the latest chapter implies a potential connection between the Divine Knights and the kingdom’s vanishing.

As the story progresses, readers are left eagerly anticipating further revelations regarding the Divine Knights’ true purpose, their identities, and their role in the overall narrative of One Piece. Oda’s ability to introduce new and compelling characters continues to keep fans captivated and engrossed in the world he has created.

One piece chapter 1084 Dragon
One piece chapter 1084 Dragon

One Piece Chapter 1084 im Sama

In an intriguing twist, One Piece Chapter 1084 introduces the concept of a Seraphim, one of God’s tutelary angels, within the narrative. This revelation opens up the possibility that the nine members of the Divine Knights might be clones of powerful historical figures.

Of particular interest is the striking resemblance between the central figure of the Divine Knights and Akagami no Shanks, a prominent character in the series. The similarity in posture, clothing, and sword leads to speculation that the Divine Knight could indeed be a clone of Shanks.

However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the figure beside Shanks bears a remarkable resemblance to Dragon, a significant character known for his revolutionary activities. The identical posture and hairstyle suggest a connection between the two.

Additionally, the presence of a character resembling former Admiral Aokiji further strengthens the theory of clones within the Divine Knights. If many members of the Divine Knights bear resemblances to other established characters, it implies a high possibility of them being clones.

This aligns with Eiichiro Oda’s recent utilization of the concept of clones in the narrative, as seen with Stussy, a member of the Rocks’ crew. Thus, it is plausible that One Piece Chapter 1084 will unveil the revelation that the Divine Knights’ army is composed of clones derived from Dragon and Shanks.

As fans eagerly await further developments, Oda continues to employ creative storytelling techniques, intertwining complex plot threads and introducing thought-provoking concepts that keep readers engaged and eager for more revelations in the world of One Piece.

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