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night by the sea chapter 64 Release Date, spoiler

night by the sea chapter 64 , You are currently reading Night By The Sea , a popular manga that falls into the genres of Manhwa, Yaoi, Drama, Omegaverse, and Slice of Life, It is written by Euja and can be found on ManhuaScan, a leading website for reading manga online for free, Night By The Sea consists of 64 translated chapters, and translations for the remaining chapters are currently in progress. So, sit back and enjoy the story!

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The story revolves around Omega Kim Euihyun, who has reached his breaking point and has given up on everything, In a desperate moment, he runs towards the sea with a child in his arms and is caught by an alpha named Yeo Taejoo, Taejoo offers Euihyun a way out of his dire situation by providing him with money, a house, and even a job, However, there’s a condition: Euihyun must give his body to Taejoo. Despite his initial reservations, Euihyun finds himself strangely attracted to Taejoo’s scent and feels aroused by him.

Note: The language in the original text was explicit, I have modified it to be more appropriate and less explicit while still conveying the essential meaning.

Chapter 64 Release Date and Where to Read

For those eagerly anticipating the release of Chapter 64 of Night By The Sea, we have exciting news! The upcoming chapter of this manga series is set to be released on Saturday, May 6, 2023، International readers will be able to access the next chapter online based on their respective time zones. Here are a few examples

المنطقة الزمنية وقت الإصدار
Singapore Standard Time 1:00 صباحًا
Philippines Standard Time 1:00 صباحًا
Japanese Standard Time 2:00 صباحًا
Australian Eastern Standard Time 3:00 صباحًا
Korean Standard Time 2:00 صباحًا
Pacific Daylight Time 10:00 صباحًا
Central Daylight Time 12:00 ظهرًا (ظهرًا)
Eastern Daylight Time 1:00 بعد الظهر
British Summer Time 6:00 مساءً
Indian Standard Time 10:30 مساءً

night by the sea chapter 64 spoiler

  • Chapter 64 of Night By The Sea is the focus of curiosity for many fans.
  • In the previous chapter, Eui Hyun was seen crying and struggling to say goodbye to his younger brother.
  • The chapter starts with Taeju hugging Eui Hyun to provide comfort, while Eui Hyun expresses his pain and talks about his brother’s distress.
  • Suddenly, Eui Hyun pushes Taeju away and takes a taxi to the beach, seeking solace in the sea.
  • Taeju follows Eui Hyun and embraces him from behind, trying to console him, although Eui Hyun is not receptive to his presence.
  • The story takes a passionate turn as the two men share a vulnerable moment together.
  • Taeju breaks down and blames himself for Eui Hyun’s suffering, questioning his own actions.
  • Eui Hyun, in turn, consoles Taeju and realizes that Taeju was worried about his history of self-harm.

Please note that the provided information is a condensed summary of the events in Chapter 64 of Night By The Sea.

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