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Mignon anime Where to watch, plot, cast, episode count, and more

Mignon anime , After the debut of the Mignon anime on the 11th of August, 2023, avid enthusiasts have been exhilarated by the series, fervently recommending it to others. Distinct from the majority of anime productions, Mignon takes the form of an ONA, exclusively accessible on select online platforms.

Mignon anime unravels a unique BL Vampire narrative, centering around its namesake lead character. He assumes the role of an underground fighter, entangled in an affectionate bond with his physician. However, the twist of fate comes to light when it’s revealed that his doctor is, in fact, a vampire. Grappling with this revelation, the doctor endeavors to distance himself from Mignon, setting the stage for a captivating chronicle of their intertwined romance.

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For those intrigued, the Mignon anime is exclusively available for streaming on specific online platforms.

mignon episode 12 viemo

Where to watch the anime


Exclusively hosted on the Vimeo platform, the Mignon anime offers a distinctive viewing experience. On the auspicious date of Friday, August 11, 2023, the anime unveiled its entire episode collection, embracing a binge-worthy release strategy. Fortuitously, the anime extends its reach to a global audience of fervent enthusiasts, thoughtfully incorporating English, Korean, and Japanese subtitles, thereby ensuring a seamless and accessible viewing experience for fans worldwide.

This artistic creation is resolutely categorized as ‘mature’, an attribution substantiated by its multifaceted blend of genres encompassing Boys Love, Drama, and Romance. The narrative fabric of the anime is intricately woven with intense fight sequences, amalgamating into a composition that warrants careful consideration with regard to its appropriateness for distinct age cohorts.

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mignon episode 12 viemo
mignon episode 12 viemo

Plot of Mignon

Mignon’s early life was marred by the untimely loss of his parents, casting him into the unforgiving throes of financial struggle. Determined to surmount these challenges, he undertook dual roles – toiling as a mechanic during the day, while moonlighting as a cage fighter in illicit arenas by nightfall. This precarious existence exposed him to the ruthless manipulation of his manager, who exploited Mignon’s vulnerabilities and subjected him to physical retribution for any defeat suffered within the fighting ring.

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Amidst this tumultuous chapter, the singular figure offering solace and protection emerged as the enigmatic doctor of the clandestine fighting domain, Oh Young-One. In this demanding environment, where cruelty and hardship reigned, Young-One extended a compassionate hand towards Mignon, becoming his sole source of care and attention.

Mignon’s sentiment for the doctor transcended admiration, evolving into a profound affection that drove him to bridge the emotional chasm between them. However, Young-One maintained a guarded distance, veiling his own feelings. The pendulum of emotions swung in a complex dance, with Mignon inadvertently unearthing Young-One’s true nature as a vampire. This revelation should have acted as a formidable wedge between them, yet Young-One’s attempts to sever ties were met with Mignon’s unwavering devotion, forging a fragile link between their hearts.

A gradual transformation unfolded within Young-One, his resistance gradually yielding to the unrelenting sincerity of Mignon’s love. However, the path to their union was a rugged one, for Mignon’s journey remained fraught with challenges that eclipsed the possibility of an idyllic and carefree romance.

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mignon episode 12 viemo


  • The anime’s production staff remains shrouded in mystery, with minimal information available.
  • The creative reins of the anime are held by the ABJ Company, responsible for its production and distribution.
  • Both the writing and direction of the anime are attributed to Bboung Bbang Kkyu.
  • Musical compositions and direction for the series are orchestrated by Yonghyeon.

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Cast Members:

  • Mignon is voiced by Oh Minhyeok.
  • Oh Young-One’s character is brought to life through the voice of Kim Minju.
  • A Gangster character finds its voice in Min Seungwoo.
  • Jeong Uihan lends his voice to the role of the Referee.
  • Park Jookwang voices Mignon’s Coach.
  • Master Woo’s character is vocalized by Lee Gyuchang.

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