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Lost in the Cloud Chapter 83 “Lost In The Cloud,” you’ll learn more about Cirrus’s backstory and how he became the person he is today Cirrus has been noticeably different since the series began, displaying a level of assertiveness and maturity that surpasses his age His behavior sometimes appears peculiar and distant, while at other times, it reveals a genuine need for affection.

Lost in the Cloud Chapter 83

From the start of the series, Cirrus seeks affection from Skyler, and their relationship undergoes several changes as the story unfolds. While Cirrus makes friends and forms close connections with others, it is Skyler, in particular, who becomes closer to him as they develop a more intimate bond. However, the story is not solely centered around their relationship, as four other main characters also play significant roles in driving the narrative.

The majority of the plot revolves around Skyler and his interactions with others, sometimes bordering on an unhealthy level of attachment. Interestingly, it is only Skyler who has witnessed this side of himself, yet he doesn’t dwell on it and genuinely enjoys being with Cirrus. As the story progresses, we finally get to see the reasons behind Skyler’s hedonistic tendencies as his past history is revealed in the recent chapters.

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Chapter 80 takes the readers on an emotional journey, providing deeper insights into the complexities of Cirrus and Skyler’s characters and the unique dynamics of their relationship.


Lost In The Cloud Plot

  • Chapter 79 of “Lost In The Cloud” focuses on Cirrus’s past and the events that shaped his current personality.
  • Cirrus’s life took a significant turn when he lost his mother at a young age, leaving him emotionally affected.
  • Despite being just a child, Cirrus understood the finality of death and the fact that he would never see his mother again.
  • Struggling to cope with his mother’s death, Cirrus felt lost and emotionally unprepared to accept the reality of her absence.
  • His situation worsened when his father remarried, and he was expected to treat his stepmother as his new mom.

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  • Cirrus still hadn’t processed the loss of his biological mother, making it difficult for him to accept a stranger as his maternal figure.
  • Throughout the story, Cirrus and his stepmother maintain a distant and disconnected relationship, occasionally engaging in necessary conversations.
  • However, most of these interactions result in Cirrus emotionally shutting down and refusing to accept her as part of the family.
  • The strained relationship between Cirrus and his stepmother continues, and he remains resistant to opening up to her emotionally.
  • However, a pivotal moment occurs when a teacher who had become close to Cirrus oversteps a boundary, triggering a significant emotional breakdown in him.
  • The pressure of dealing with the loss of his mother, coupled with the strained family dynamics and the intrusion of the teacher, proves to be too much for Cirrus to handle.

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