Lookism Chapter 460 Spoilers, Timezone and Where to Read

Lookism Chapter 460 has fans on the edge of their seats with the latest thrilling developments. In this gripping chapter, we see Eli Jang facing a challenging situation, torn between his past self and the person he’s become. Three individuals apologize to him, but Eli is conflicted, fearing that he may have turned into someone he once despised. Feeling anger bubbling inside, he confronts one of the guys who complained about the amount of money he requested each month, pointing out their hypocrisy in pocketing money for themselves.

Enter Lookism in Chapter 460, making an impactful appearance to address the scammers who are using his name to steal money. He warns them, giving them a deadline to return the ill-gotten money. Despite his regrets about leaving his guild, Eli is determined to protect his family and promises they won’t suffer because of him any longer.

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Lookism Chapter 460

As Eli plans for the payday, his assistant advises him to rest, but he refuses, fully aware of the consequences of his actions. The scene shifts to Vasco, reflecting on Eli’s stoic exterior and believing in the goodness within him. Vasco wonders if Yena, an important person to Eli, would be proud of the man he has become. He also challenges Eli to consider what truly embarrasses him, to which Eli reveals that losing his family is his greatest fear.

In this emotionally charged chapter, Eli grapples with moral dilemmas while striving to shield his loved ones and come to terms with the aftermath of his decisions. Lookism continues to captivate readers with its intricate character development and intense plot twists, promising more gripping revelations in the chapters to come. Stay tuned for the release date and keep an eye out for more exciting updates!

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Lookism Chapter 460 Release Date

The highly anticipated Lookism Chapter 460, a beloved South Korean Manhwa, is set to release on Thursday, August 03, 2023, delighting its devoted fans.

Lookism Chapter 460 will be released Internationally at the following times:

Time Zone Date Time
EST (Eastern Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 10:11 PM
CST (Central Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 9:11 PM
PST (Pacific Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 7:11 PM
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Thursday, August 03 2:11 AM (next day)
CET (Central European Time) Thursday, August 03 12:11 AM (next day)
IST (India Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 7:41 AM (next day)
PKST (Pakistan Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 7:11 AM (next day)
JST (Japan Standard Time) Thursday, August 03 8:11 AM (next day)
ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time) Thursday, August 03 9:41 AM (next day)

Please note that the release event is scheduled for different times across different time zones, so be sure to adjust accordingly to catch the event live in your region.

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Lookism Chapter 460 Raw Scans and Spoilers

As of now, raw scans and spoilers for Lookism Chapter 460 have not been released. Fans typically discover sneak peeks on platforms like Reddit and 4chan approximately three to four days before the official manga release date. If you’re eagerly following the series, it’s recommended to keep an eye on these platforms to stay updated with any potential spoilers. Stay tuned for more information as the release date approaches!

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Where can you read Latest Chapter?

You can access Lookism Chapter 460 and all previous chapters on WebToon at the specified dates and times mentioned earlier Enjoy reading!

About Lookism

  • Lookism is a popular South Korean webtoon created by Park Tae-jun, also known as Taejun Park.
  • The series was first published on Naver Webtoon in 2014 and has gained a significant international following.
  • It revolves around the life of high school student Park Hyung-suk, who faces bullying and discrimination due to his appearance.
  • One day, he wakes up in a completely new body that is tall, muscular, and attractive.
  • The story delves into themes of body image, discrimination, and identity.
  • Lookism is produced by Naver Corporation and is updated on the Webtoon platform on a weekly basis.

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