Exploring Giyu Tomioka’s Punishment in the Manga: Relationships and Potential Endings

Exploring Giyu Tomioka’s  , Exploring the Complex Character of Giyu Tomioka in “Demon Slayer”: Beauty, Social Awkwardness, and Misunderstandings , As fans eagerly await the release of the new anime series “Pillar Rehearsal” in the “Demon Slayer” franchise, one character that stands out is Giyu Tomioka, the water pillar of the demon killing squad. Despite his cool and stoic demeanor, Giyu is often labeled as a “hater” due to his silent and awkward nature. However, there is more to Giyu than meets the eye, and his true intentions are explored in this upcoming series.

Exploring Giyu Tomioka’s

Giyu’s external characteristics reflect his role as a skilled swordsman, reminiscent of the author’s previous work, “Kagarigari,” where swordsmen fighting against supernatural beings were featured. In “Demon Slayer,” Giyu’s beauty and his ability to remain composed in the most challenging battles have made him an iconic character.

The teaser visual for “Pillar Rehearsal” captures the essence of Giyu’s character, showcasing his grace and determination as he draws his sword while kneeling. This attention to detail by the anime producers highlights the significance of Giyu’s role in the series.

Exploring Giyu Tomioka's
Exploring Giyu Tomioka’s
Exploring Giyu Tomioka's
Exploring Giyu Tomioka’s

Giyu tomioka punishment for letting nezuko live

However, Giyu’s social awkwardness becomes apparent in his interactions with others. His catchphrase, taken from a line during the Battle of Nada Spider Mountain, emphasizes his belief that one should not engage in fights without knowing the extent of their injuries. Giyu disapproves of the reckless fighting style of his junior swordsmen, and his intention is to guide and protect them. Unfortunately, his advice often goes misunderstood, leading to friction and misunderstandings.

Giyu’s lack of effective communication stems from a genuine lack of perspective on how important and dependable he is to those around him. His focus on the battle for life and his determination to make the right decisions as a swordsman can sometimes overshadow his ability to connect with others on a social level.

In “Pillar Rehearsal,” audiences will delve deeper into Giyu’s character and witness the complexities of his inner self. It will be intriguing to explore his true intentions and see how his relationships with other characters evolve. Will Giyu find a way to bridge the gap between his silent exterior and his inner world? Only time will tell.

As fans anticipate the new anime series, they can look forward to unraveling the layers of Giyu Tomioka, a character whose beauty, social awkwardness, and misunderstood nature make him a captivating presence in the “Demon Slayer” universe.

Giyu Tomioka’s Punishment Manga: Exploring Relationships and Possible Endings

 The Impact of Bug Pillar and Butterfly Shinobu

  • Bug pillar and butterfly shinobu have a significant impact on the volunteers.
  • Shinobu’s poisonous nature disrupts even the usually composed Yoshiyu.
  • Shinobu’s statement about being hated creates tension and misunderstandings.

What if Tanjiro killed giyuu with his hatchet?
by u/nanananana564 in KimetsuNoYaiba

 Water Pillar, Yoshiyu Tomioka, and the Pillar Meetings

  • The pillar meetings play a crucial role in times of emergency.
  • Tanjiro Kamado’s punishment and the appearance of a person with a special power influence the Demon Killing Squad.
  • The clash between Miya and Giyu regarding punishment for the Kamado siblings.

 The Reserved Nature of Volunteers

  • Yoshiyu’s infrequent laughter and reserved personality.
  • The significance of smiles and laughter in “Demon Slayer.”
  • The anticipation for Yoshiyu’s smile in the upcoming “Pillar Rehearsal.”

 The Symbolism of Yoshiyu’s Smile

  • Exploring the deeper meaning of smiles and laughter in folklore.
  • Symbolism of “winter” and “night” versus “spring” and “dawn.”
  • The expectation of Yoshiyu’s smile as a sign of hope and progress.

 About the Author

  • Akiko Ue, a researcher specializing in traditional literature and mythology.
  • Author of various works, including “Cosmology of German Legends” and co-authored books.
  • Involvement in the “Demon Slayer Night Story” series by AERAdot.

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Exploring Giyu Tomioka's Punishment in the Manga: Relationships and Potential Endings

Natural Abilities:

  1. Master Swordsman: Giyu is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, known for his finely developed swordsmanship.
  2. Enhanced Speed: He possesses exceptional speed, capable of surprising opponents with swift movements.
  3. Enhanced Endurance: Giyu demonstrates remarkable endurance, enduring powerful attacks with minimal injuries.
  4. Crimson Red Nichirin Sword: By clashing swords with Sanemi Shinazugawa, their blades temporarily turn red, enabling them to hinder the regeneration of demons.
  5. Demon Slayer Mark: During his battle against Akaza, Giyu awakens his Demon Slayer Mark, enhancing his speed, precision, and endurance. However, he was unable to defeat Akaza, resulting in his sword being broken.


  • Water Breathing Style: Taught by Sakonji Urokodaki, Giyu utilizes the Water Breathing techniques and has developed his own unique style.
    1. First Form: Water Surface Slash
    2. Second Form: Water Wheel
    3. Third Form: Flowing Dance
    4. Fourth Form: Striking Tide
    5. Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought
    6. Sixth Form: Whirlpool
    7. Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust
    8. Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin
    9. Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow
    10. Tenth Form: Constant Flux
    11. Eleventh Form: Dead Calm (created by Giyu himself)

Note: Giyu’s Dead Calm technique can nullify incoming attacks, but its effectiveness is limited against fast and numerous attacks.

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