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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66 : Release Date

“Evolution Begins With a Big Tree ” is a captivating Manhua series published by Kuaikan, captivating readers since its serialization in August 2022, The story revolves around Yu Ziyu, an ordinary individual whose life takes an extraordinary turn, plunging him into a world filled with mystery and magic.

Awakening in a Mysterious Jungle, One fateful day, Yu Ziyu awakens in the heart of a dense jungle, his once-familiar surroundings transformed into a mesmerizing landscape of towering trees and enchanting beauty. Perplexed by his strange circumstances, he soon realizes that his own body has undergone peculiar changes—his hair now thick and lustrous, and an ethereal green aura enveloping him.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree

Confronting an Unbelievable Truth ,Initially dismissing it as a bizarre dream, Yu Ziyu attempts to return to slumber, hoping to restore his reality to normalcy, However, to his dismay, his efforts prove futile, forcing him to confront an astonishing truth—he has become a tree. Delving into his memories, he recollects his untimely demise through asphyxiation, leaving him perplexed as to why he was reincarnated, especially in such an unexpected form.

Yearning for Heroic Aspirations:

Struggling with his predicament, Yu Ziyu’s thoughts drift towards conventional expectations of reincarnation. He had envisioned a grand destiny as a valiant hero, surrounded by adoring followers, Instead, he finds himself devoid of limbs, transformed into a tree, unable to fulfill his burning desire to become the savior of the world.

A Twist of Fate and a Newfound Power:

Yet, Yu Ziyu’s life takes a thrilling turn when he discovers an unforeseen power dormant within his arboreal form, He becomes aware that by absorbing sunlight and consuming the essence of the creatures that cross his path, he can accumulate evolution points, Through this unique process, he gains the ability to strengthen and manipulate his branches, transforming them into extensions of his indomitable will.

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66
Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66

Release Date

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree chapter 66 is expected to be released on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 10:00 Beijing Time, The international schedule for Evolution Begins With A Big Tree chapter 66 is as follows:

  • Pacific Time (PST): 07:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Central Time (CST): 09:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Eastern Time zone (EST): 10:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 20:30 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Australian Standard Time (AST): 02:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 65: Recap

  • The missile was launched successfully, hitting the target and indicating the mission’s success.
  • General Lee was severely wounded in his battle against the beast.
  • Men arrived, urging General Lee to retreat quickly and providing him with an update on the ongoing battle.
  • The soldiers managed to kill some beasts but had to flee from others.
  • The giant crocodile posed a significant threat, killing thousands of soldiers and destroying tanks and helicopters.
  • It took thousands of missiles to finally take down the crocodile.
  • The missile launched by General Lee and the headquarters had eliminated the master of the mountain, resulting in a drop in spiritual energy.
  • Xiaoling arrived, expressing her inability to sense Yu Zi Yu and her anger.
  • One of the men attacked Xiaoling, prompting her to instantly kill him.
  • Xiaoling revealed that the tree they killed was her master.
  • Another man attacked Xiaoling but met the same fate.
  • Lee stepped forward, requesting others not to interfere and stating that they would only hinder him.
  • Xiaoling closed the distance between them but was easily countered by Lee.
  • Lee admitted to taking Xiaoling as his disciple to monitor her and expressed hope that she wasn’t a traitor.
  • Lee mocked Xiaoling’s belief that she, as a Rank 1, could defeat him and warned her of the consequences.
  • Xiaoling disregarded Lee’s words and refused his offer to raise her as his own daughter.
  • As Lee prepared to kill Xiaoling, he was bitten by something resembling a beast, leading to an abrupt end.

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